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Return on Excellence (ROX) Business Improvement

Investing in Excellence will provide substantial Returns for any organization.


We know how world class companies resolve their toughest problems.   We will disclose this to you in a way that will achieve the same success in your business.

We're confident that our Return on Excellence™ training programs will enhance the profitability of your organization.

Why? Because we have produced this result repeatedly in large and small organizations, and in both capital projects and operational budgets. And because we know that you are the experts in your business, and we are the experts in the process of improving processes. We work together in the most efficient way possible to achieve substantial, quantifiable results.

How it Works

We examine existing business processes to find the highest leverage points for improvement. Through the application of Six Sigma and other business process improvement tools to your real-world problems not only do you achieve dramatic impact to your organization's bottom line; you also gain the ability to implement future projects and gain additional rewards into the future.

We focus on producing measurable results of improvement within a shortened timeframe.   Our comprehensive approach and powerful Return on Excellence™ Menu of Services are designed to:
    • Incorporate an Excellence mindset from the Executive Offices through to the front-line workers
    • Assist you in selecting those processes with the highest potential for return on your investment
    • Lead you through process analysis and improvement based on Six Sigma methodology
    • Assess the financial implications of your Return on Excellence TM investments
    • Instill a culture of excellence and a bias for action that continues far into the future

Our signature Return on Excellence™ Green Belt program goes beyond the traditional Six Sigma training. It combines the Six Sigma methodology with education and experience on leading high-performance projects. While participants aren't IN the office, they are working ON the business.  

Our multi-dimensional approach teaches: 1) the rigorous analysis of processes with Six Sigma tools; 2) the leadership skills required to drive projects to successful outcomes; and 3) the powerful techniques for completing high-performance projects that produce financially-validated results.

If you wonder if you need this, let us ask you a question:

How much of your time and your organization's money is currently spent fixing or re-fixing problems?

If you're ready to increase your company's profitability, we have a robust Curriculum of Return on Excellence courses, and a comprehensive Menu of Consulting Services to achieve your objectives.

Are you interested in Business Process Improvement or a Business Process Improvement Tool? HumanExcel offers Business Process Improvement and also Business Process Improvement Consulting. For more information on Business Process Improvement or a Business Process Improvement Consultant contact HumanExcel.

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