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Mother Nature's Laws of Business

Resistance * Stress * Dynamic * Momentum * Energy * Power

Do these terms relate to physics, or people? The answer is - both. These are laws of nature, and they apply in the physical world, as well as the nonphysical; in physics, as well as principles of communication, relationships and organizations.

After all, wouldn't it be strange to think that the laws of nature apply to everything in the universe - except us?

Harnessing Mother Nature’s Laws™ to Create Human Empowerment and Business Success

The forces that make objects move, water flow, and the earth rotate are also operating in our thoughts, actions and relationships.

Buckminster Fuller, the noted inventor and futurist, believed that the problems on our planet are not due to scarcity; rather they are the result of ignorance - the ignorance of how the universe works. He also believed that there are principles that are true in our universe, whether it be in physical forms, or in metaphysical forms such as businesses, relationships, and health.The implication is that if we study these principles, we as a planet can not only survive, but thrive.

By observing the amazing connections between Mother Nature and human nature, we begin to see, perhaps for the very first time, how the laws of nature shape our very existence. This new paradigm empowers us to work with, rather than against, these forces to become more successful in literally every area of our lives.

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"Those of us who attended are still talking about the issues raised."
- Karin Francis, The Association for Women in Insurance

"Your workshop gave me insights into the forces at work in my life, and how
to make them work for me personally, as well as for my organization."
- Julieta Scalo, HR Director, Lifeworks


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