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About HumanExcel Consultants and Trainers

HumanExcel consultants and trainers are well known for their high quality standards. Our consultants have vast industry experience as well as consulting expertise. Our trainers have the unique ability to combine traditional training methodologies with experiential training techniques to build the best momentum for clients to achieve ongoing success.

Susan Meredith
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Susan Meredith is founder and president of HumanExcel. Susan has taught and mentored over 600 Six Sigma Green Belt projects, including projects that have had measurable impacts exceeding $1Million. Susan has trained and certified over 40 Six Sigma consultants, has been instrumental in the design of World Class Six Sigma training programs, and has served as Master Instructor for Motorola's Continuous Improvement and Statistical Methods curriculums - where Six Sigma started - as well as for other multi-national corporations. During her eight years at IBM, Susan received a Management Excellence Award and a key Technical Award for initiating a Statistical Process Control (SPC) program on billion dollar manufacturing lines. Susan is also the author of the acclaimed "Beyond Light Bulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management."

Robert Meredith
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Robert Meredith is co-owner of HumanExcel. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner for thirteen years in Australia, Robert and his teams successfully fulfilled over 400 construction contracts. As a first-class rugby player in Wales, and a marathoner, Robert learned the importance of persistence and dedication for creating results. He now shares this knowledge in powerful teambuilding and leadership programs for small or large groups. Robert's programs are carefully crafted using unique and challenging games and activities to provide a "learn by doing" atmosphere in addressing how we work together, how we communicate, how we operate. He also designs and builds many of the activities used by HumanExcel trainers.

Bill Scherkenbach
Not only did Bill Scherkenbach develop from scratch a lean Six Sigma organization at Samsung that had an ROI of over 350% in the first two years. Not only did he save over US$1 Billion as Corporate Director of Statistical Methods at Ford by driving world-class levels of Quality. Not only is he an American Statistical Association Fellow, a past Board member of the American Society of Quality, a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, winner of the Engineering Society's Gold Award, and recipient of the Deming Medal. Bill Scherkenbach also was acknowledged by the "Father of Quality" himself, W. Edwards Deming, who said "He was my student, and there's none better in the world... It takes a little ingredient called profound knowledge, and he's got it."

Pat Spagon
Dr. Spagon is truly a technical expert in all areas of quality and statistical methods. He is a process improvement expert with over 10 years experience within the Six Sigma arena, having worked as a master black belt consultant for several of the top global Lean Six Sigma consulting firms. He is a former quality manager with over 25 years applying statistical methods for continuous improvement in industry. Pat is a senior member of the American Society for Quality and a member of the American Statistical Association, a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Quality Engineering Journal and is Statistical Methods Case Studies Editor for the Journal of Quality Technology. He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley. He is also a former Associate Professor in the School of Business at San Francisco State University.

Mike Enyart
Michael is a resourceful process improvement consultant, group facilitator, trainer and business coach known for accelerating positive change in processes and people. When inefficient business processes cause complications and the customers and employees start to feel the pain, Michael develops practical solutions, jump-start projects, deploys sustainable improvements, and significantly reduces operational costs. He has been instrumental in leading significant business improvements at all levels of organizations in the fast-paced semiconductor and high-tech industries. During his 20+ year corporate career, he has held a variety of management and executive positions in the areas of Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Quality Management, Human Resources, and Communications.

Clay Primrose
Clay is a Human Capital Strategist, concentrating on people knowing their strengths and capitalizing on them. Using sophisticated assessment tools such as the Birkman Assessment Method and the Gallup StrengthsFinder, Clay delivers a fast and deeply strategic perception of the strengths and needs of the organization’s people. Clay’s experience includes 30 years in responsible leadership and project management positions and 7 years as a Yellow Belt trainer and consultant. He combines knowledge gained from his Psychology degree at Stanford and his Executive MBA from University of Texas, with his unique blend of tools based on the teachings of Drucker, Gallup, Collins, Covey, Lencioni and more, to provide training, coaching and consulting that enables companies to gain maximum return on their investment in human capital.

Our Other ROX Consultants
All of our ROX consultants are experts in the field of Business Process Improvement, with years of international experience teaching Six Sigma and Leadership materials to world-class organizations.

Our Other Teams Consultants
All of our Teams consultants are skilled facilitators with the ability to set up customized educational experiences to build enthusiasm and entice learning.

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