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Team Strengths - The Birkman Method

Understand your teams strengths using the powerful Birkman Method. The foundation is an individual assessment tool - the only assessment tool that measures both behaviors and motivations in one assessment. Using four scales for Usual Behaviors, Stress Behaviors, Underlying Needs and Interests, the Birkman Method is a comprehensive Strengths assessment tool which measures personality, social perceptions and misperceptions, personal values, occupational interests, and communication styles. Information from The Birkman Method helps management and individuals get the best from themselves and from their staff by realizing and achieving their fullest potential.

Individual assessments and consulting sessions provide standalone value.

Team consulting sessions include rolling up people’s scores into a matrix to produce a TEAM view of strengths and differences to watch for.

A full coaching guide is also available so managers know how to enable the development of their employees to their full potential.

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