Welcome to Human Excel!

Welcome to HumanExcel, corporate educators in the areas of personal, organizational, and global energy management.

Our Mission:

Realizing human potential through individual achievement, organizational thriveability, and global responsibility.

On Excellence:

Excellence is a journey.
Perfection is a destination.
Excellence is relative; to be better than before is excellent.
Perfection is absolute. It allows for no variations.
There are levels of excellence. Standards. Thresholds. Tolerances.
How does one determine the acceptable level of excellence?
Each person, each organization, defines that line for themselves.
And it is in the striving that we improve, and establish new levels of excellence
In an ever-evolving spiral.

Program Areas:

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HumanExcel offers Six Sigma Consulting and also Six Sigma Seminars.
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HumanExcel offers Experiential Education.
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Interested in Energy Management on a personal and organizational level?

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